Why Audi on demand

Seamless digital booking

Whether it‘s for a spontaneous short trip or a business trip – find the Audi that suits you best and book it online. You can drive away in just a few minutes or reserve your vehicle for a later time.

Personalized handover

Meet our well-trained concierges at the Audi on demand hub. They will personally walk you through the vehicle features that are most important to you.

Premium driving experience

You do not need to own an Audi. We have the perfect Audi for your personal use case every time you book. Drive an exclusive and highly equipped fleet. Just book and drive – we take car of the rest.

What’s included

Drive the Audi you book

Fully comprehensive insurance

Low excess as standard

Pick up and delivery

free of charge

500 km free mileage per day

for all models

Audi Roadside Assistance

(24 hour)

How it works

1. Register

Create your account online.

Register now

2. Book

Book for 1-28 days, and choose from our exclusive fleet of vehicles with excellent specification.


Book now

3. Deliver

Either collect from the Audi Centre or an Audi concierge will deliver your Audi on demand vehicle and provide a tailored handover of the key features.

4. Drive

In addition to the premium quality you expect in an Audi, Audi on demand offers peace of mind including insurance, 24 hour Audi roadside assistance and 500 km free mileage per day for your booking.

5. Return

When your reservation has ended you can simply deliver your Audi on demand back to the Audi Centre.